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Niche house of Lorenzo Villoresi was founded in 1990 in Italy and its founder and perfumer is Lorenzo Villoresi himself. His first journey to Middle East was an important turning point in his life. Love and passion for spices, fragrances and perfumery were shaped into creations – his first personal fragrances and pot-pourri, as soon as he came back to Italy. At that time he was learning about perfumery, researching essences, learning distilling methods. The first fragrant line was introduced on the market in 1990, and the collection included scented candles, pot-pourri and fragrances for rooms, first ordered from him by the house of Fendi.The first fragrant pair of the house was named simply Lorenzo Villoresi Donna and Uomo, and after success of these two editions, monothemes appeared (MUSK, SANDALO, PATCHOULI, INCENSI, SPEZIE, VETIVER, WILD LAVENDER). A collection named “Fantasy Fragrances” has recently been introduced. It was inspired by olfactive visions, which associate of exotic places, world of dreams, unusual atmosphere, landscapes. Lorenzo Villoresi was awarded a significant reward for his work – “Prix Fran├žois Coty” in Paris 2006.

Designer Lorenzo Villoresi has 29 perfumes in our fragrance base. The earliest edition was created in 1993 and the newest is from 2018. The nose who worked on the fragrances is Lorenzo Villoresi.